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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Our Therapists

TherapistsCentaPaeds offers physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology and developmental medicine. Our therapists work together to ensure treatment is holistic and streamlined.

Therapies offered at CentaPaeds

Treatment of Children with Developmental Difficulties

CentaPaeds Therapy Centre embraces an early intervention approach for babies and children with developmental difficulties. The sooner therapy is started, the more beneficial it will be.   Because of the nature of development, some difficulties may only emerge later. Treatment should be started as soon as difficulties are recognised. The therapists at Centapaeds have experience in treating babies and children with a range of conditions.

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NICU Graduates and High-Risk Infants

Babies and children who have experienced traumatic or serious incidents (including hospitalisation in NICU)  have often had an interruption to their normal developmental processes. This can result in abnormal development, negatively impacting on future academic, social and sporting activities.

Treatment of High Risk or At-Risk Babies and Children

Delayed Milestones

The therapists at CentaPaeds Therapy Centre are exceptionally experienced in assessing and treating children with delayed milestones. Therapist have attended advanced post-graduate courses in this area and this particular diagnosis makes up more than half the children who benefit from therapy at CentaPaeds Therapy Centre.

Treatment of Children with Delayed Milestones

Cerebral Palsy, Genetic and Orthopaedic Disorders

Because our centre is a specialist paediatric centre, therapists at CentaPaeds Therapy Centre have had the opportunity to gain exentsive experience working with babies and children who have inherited and genetic conditions, have cerebral palsy and related neurological difficulties or have orthopaedic problems or neuropathies.

Treatment of Genetic Conditions, Cerebral Palsy, Neuropathies

Low Muscle Tone & Coordination Disorders

This therapy was not around 15 years ago, but the medical fraternity now recognises low muscle tone as part of a wider disorder - developmental coordination disorder. Research has shown that if not treated, children will continue to have problems well into their late teens interfering with their self-esteem, academic achievements and social interactions.

Treatment of Developmental Coordination Disorder

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